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How do We Work?

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In Person! - That’s how we work

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Free Consultation

Start Today! - schedule your 30 minute personalised consultation call with us.

Let's dive deep into the behaviour challenges you're experiencing. Talking it through is key, so we'll make sure we leave no stone unturned.

And guess what? We might just throw in some expert advice for free to give you a head start!

The first step is to book a consultation call with us. During the call we will discuss in detail the behavioural issues you are facing.

Taking the time to chat things through properly is an important step. If at all possible we will offer free advice during the call to help you along !

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Personal Coaching

Transform your Canine’s Behaviour! and unlock your dog's potential.

We understand every dog is unique. We observe your dog's behaviors and emotions to create a personalized transformation plan.

Our expert team analyses every detail and creates a practical plan. We prioritise your dog's happiness and well-being, treating them like a cherished family member. Embark on this extraordinary journey with us and experience the magic of a transformed relationship with your dog!

Working in your environment in person allows your behaviourist to see your dog in their normal life and it makes the coaching session relevant to you!

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Amazing Support

We take immense pride in our glowing client reviews. And why? It's all thanks to our unparalleled follow-up support. When you choose one of our plans, you not only receive top-notch assistance for your current issues but also enjoy lifetime* support (With Level 2 or 3 Plans) for any future challenges that may arise.

Join our community of satisfied clients and rest assured knowing that we've got your back – today and tomorrow.

Depending on your chosen plan you may get lifetime* support not only for the current issues but for anything that crops up in the future. The value is in the follow up support. We want you to succeed, it drives us forward to ensure you get the very best.

Unleash the power of balanced training! We firmly believe that harnessing positivity is key to bringing out the best in your beloved pet. However, we also recognize that sometimes, a little correction can go a long way in curbing undesired behaviors. No challenge is too formidable for us; whether it's handling aggression or reactivity, we are well-equipped to address it.

Our expertise lies in utilising all four phases of operant conditioning, tailoring our approach to meet your dog's specific requirements. By combining time-tested techniques with cutting-edge methodologies, we deliver rapid and remarkable results. As a specialist K9 behaviourist we are looking for the root cause. Don't just take our word for it - take a moment to read our reviews and witness the difference we are making to peoples lives for yourself!

We operate within a fair and balanced modality of training. This means we believe positive reinforcement is the most productive way of training a dog, however we also understand many undesirable behaviours need to be corrected in order to bring a timely resolution to unwanted behaviour. The human half of the relationship often needs adjustment too! Now is the time to seek the help of a Specialist Canine Behaviourist.

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Common Questions

Trainer or a Behaviourist?

As a behaviourist we solve problem behaviours by identifying and fixing the root cause, only this method will truly change an unwanted behaviour permanently. Most Dog Trainers will suppress the actual behaviour itself rather than healing the root cause. A good analogy of this would be taking paracetamol for toothache (The Behaviour), yes for a while it goes away, but if that toothache is caused by an abscess (Root Cause) it will come back, and often with vengeance!

Why so many 5 star Reviews?

Because we focus on the root cause we delve into the psychology of the canine brain. Finding the real cause of the behavioural issue is an art form. We understand that almost all behaviour issues come from the disparity between the handler and the dog, this leaves your dog in a confused state and not sure how to act! We are skilled in teaching you how to rebalance your relationship.

How exactly can we help?

Often your relationship with your dog will deteriorate through frustration, embarrassment and sometimes even anger. We can help you realign with your K9 friend, create a solid relationship based on trust, mutual respect and love. They need structure and leadership to be happy, it’s very likely that your dog is as unhappy as you right now! We help you find your hidden K9

How does it work?

We do all of our work in person, so we visit you and your dog at home (You really can’t address behavioural issues using only online methods!). We work out what is broken and develop a solid and realistic plan to modify these behaviours. Our behaviourists will show you significant improvement on the day of the session and we then provide you with support for as long as you need!

Will I need multiple sessions?

In 99% of our cases a single session is all you will need, therefore you incur no ongoing costs. Our method is successful because we focus on empowering and coaching you how to understand and prevent the behaviour happening. Simple changes in how you live with your dog can have a huge impact on your dogs behaviour, this is why we can switch off behaviours like reactivity in a single session. The long term change comes from your efforts which is why we call our sessions “Coaching” and not “Training”

Do you correct a dog?

A positive only approach is a great way to teach dogs new things, especially when there is no consequence to the behaviour, “Sit” for example. However when it comes to some behaviours like aggression, it may take months to modify this using a positive only protocol. We consider ourselves to operate in a balanced way, this means using all 4 quadrants of operant conditioning. Dog’s need to be taught what is acceptable as well as what’s not! to exist in harmony with our human world. I mean - soon as put a lead your dog you cease to be force free! We may “Correct” your dog in a fair manner, a correction though should not be seen as a punishment or negative, puppies are “corrected” by their mother from the 1st day they are born. It’s a natural thing to happen for them and is part of their day to day language!

Hidden K9 Guarantee

We provide a Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that we can help you make immediate change to the unwanted behaviours we provide this guarantee! Based on the behavioural problems you disclose to us we will guarantee you see immediate improvement during your home coaching session. If we fail to show you significant improvement we will refund 50% of the fee paid.

We will recommend the best options based on the behaviours presented to us and provided you follow our plan you will see positive change - Guaranteed!

National Coverage

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